Shiitake Mushroom – On Trend

090319 Body Mushroom - Shiitake Mushroom - On Trend

We are willing to wager that when you look at a mushroom, you don’t exactly think this would be amazing to put on your face, but extracts taken from mushrooms are a rising star in the skincare world. Mushroom extracts are having their moment in skincare right now due to their unparalleled brightening, antioxidant and skin-soothing properties. […]

Ferulic Acid

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Your new favourite ‘F’ word Meet Ferulic Acid, the next antioxidant to make a BIG impact in skincare… It’s found naturally in the cell walls of the Gardenia flower as well as the seeds of fruits, some vegetables, nuts and grains. Ferulic Acid fights the most common free radicals that contribute to ageing, making it […]